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Forbidden City Concert Series (April 2013) – With permission and exclusive rights granted by China Arts Foundation and Ministry of Culture, ZZYX will produce up to six major live concerts of global magnitude for the world to see. Never before seen performances by the biggest names in music will use this Chinese iconic location, the Forbidden City Ancestral Temple, as the setting for a very special evening, including special guests intertwined throughout the TV Specials. The first concert will be an historic event where for the first time-ever western pop music icon performs within the walls of one of China’s most-recognized national treasures and sacred palaces. Confirmation of artist performances scheduled for 2013 have already been acquired and other top performers are in discussions.

Global Digital Entertainment Awards – Until now, there has been no nationally televised award ceremony acknowledging the best of the best in digital entertainment. The Digital Entertainment Awards will recognize the highest standard of achievement and innovation in digital entertainment; everything watched, listened and played. The Digital Entertainment Awards represent the ultimate consumer promotion platform and is guaranteed to capture audiences, young and old, who are living the digital lifestyle. There has already been interest from CCTV to air this broadcast in China, amongst the global distribution of this televised event.

Show of Peace Awareness Campaign (September 2013) – The Show of Peace Campaign celebrates a vision for a better world through global unity and universal language of music. This global event is to be viewed by an estimated 2 billion people on television, Internet and new media. The Show of Peace’s purpose is to create awareness for peace and a cleaner environment, to protect our planet for future generations to come as well as raise funds for peace and green building initiatives worldwide—a true cultural exchange to unite people in a common cause through the universal language of music to raise their voice and call for positive change around the planet.

Divas in Beijing 2013 (May – November 2013) – The launch event for the Global Harmony brand was Divas in Beijing, the premier Olympic Cultural Event of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Divas in Beijing is a series of 5 show specials with the leading and world-renowned Sopranos and Tenors in the Opera universe plus a Global Television Gala of the Best of Shows. The famed operatic spectacular makes its way back to Beijing in 2013.

New Years Eve Global TV Special (December 31, 2013)– Share in the magic of the official calendar countdown from both sides of the planet, watching the biggest names in music and celebrities celebrate the magic of this evening both in Las Vegas, New York, and Beijing, China. This will be a cross-cultural exchange showing a special bond through the celebration of bringing in a new year. Western and Eastern elements will fill the stages on both sides of the world to bring you a Global party!

“New Beginning Celebration” (December 21, 2012) – A new opportunity arises as citizens across the world anticipate a much discussed date of December 12, 2012, the ending of the Mayan Calendar and claimed end of the world. Instead of adding to any fears, this globally Internet streamed music special will celebrate a new beginning for all, with all-star music performances and special celebrity guests giving messages.

NCAA Tournament (2013) – For the first time ever, China will host some of the top U.S. College Basketball programs going head-to-head – AND THE GAMES COUNT! A major sports cross-cultural exchange featuring the student athletes, cheerleaders, mascots and famous alumni. The program will be a well positioned sports program on a major US Network given its originality.