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Basketball Hall of Fame in China – The Basketball Hall of Fame, located in Springfield, Massachusetts United States honors exceptional basketball players, coaches, referees, executives, and other major contributors to the game.

China Idol TV Series – It’s not American Idol, the show that has rocked the US TV ratings for years now, but a new concept for China. For the first time, the undiscovered musical talent of China will get a real chance to get a jump-start in the Western Music world. Judged by 5 industry greats with backgrounds ranging from artist managers to actual artists, China music talent will have to prove that they can make it as a global act. ZZYX will produce this annual TV series for the world to watch, where the winner will receive an opportunity to produce their music in the US with top Western Producers and Team, and eventually a record deal. Once the artist has their US debut, they will also come back to China in an Asia Tour, but now as an “International Star”.

Global Digital Entertainment Awards – Until now, there has been no nationally televised award ceremony acknowledging the best of the best in digital entertainment. The Digital Entertainment Awards will recognize the highest standard of achievement and innovation in digital entertainment; everything watched, listened and played. The Digital Entertainment Awards represent the ultimate consumer promotion platform and is guaranteed to capture audiences, young and old, who are living the digital lifestyle. There has already been interest from CCTV to air this broadcast in China, amongst the global distribution of this televised event.